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Thu, May 13


San Antonio

Biomagnetism Level 1 & 2 Training Seminar (1)

Biomagnetism is a healing therapy based on the use of magnets, which serves to balance the pH in people and thus restore cellular homeostasis.

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Biomagnetism Level 1 & 2 Training Seminar (1)
Biomagnetism Level 1 & 2 Training Seminar (1)

Time & Location

May 13, 2021, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM CDT

San Antonio, 701 El Portal Dr, San Antonio, TX 78232, USA

About the Event

Please Text Nadia Martinez, 210-685-3066, about registering and paying for the Biomagnetism 1 & 2 seminar, 

with Dr. Luis F. Garcia in San Antonio, TX. 

Course Cost $2200

Hotel accomindations TBA

Level 1 


Evolution and physics of matter, Elementary concepts, Fundamental physical forces, Elementary physics of matter The biomagnetic pole and the biomagnetic pair States of matter, general concepts, Inorganic and organic matter 

Concepts of medical biomagnetism 

The NEN concept Biomagnetic pole concept, North and south biomagnetic pole Influences of biomagnetism, Characteristics, Relationship of the biomagnetic pair and the neutral energy level Influence of biomagnetism on living materials and beings Biomagnetic diagnosis, Characteristics Allopathic diagnosis vs. biomagnetism, Biomagnetic therapy, Duration, Results Medical biomagnetism, In viral, bacterial, fungal and parasite infections 

Bases of the biomagnetic pair 

Biomagnetism and magnetotherapies concepts Magnetization of water PH concept, Organic pH regulation, pH of the biomagnetic pair Universal law of charges (Coulomb’s law) Resonance concept, Resonance in nature, in medicine and in the biomagnetic pair Symbiosis concept, Mutualism and parasitism. The viral-bacterial symbiosis Symbiosis in the biomagnetic pair Rheology concept. Rheology in the human body: blood, lymphatic, aerial and humoral rheology Entropy concept Concept of “intentionality”. 

Microbiology of the biomagnetic pair 

History of the etiology of the disease History of the infectious etiology of the disease. The “mistakes of Louis Pasteur” Microbiology concepts, Viruses, prions, bacteria, fungi, parasites 

Theory and clinic of the biomagnetic pair 

Concepts in magnetotherapy Golden rules of medical biomagnetism

Types of biomagnetic pairs 

Regular pairs Reservoir pairs Special pairs Complex pairs Temporary pairs 

Level 2 

Infectious pathophysiology in medical biomagnetism 

The tumor phenomenon according to the biomagnetic pair, Exudates concept, Infiltrator concept, Septic infiltrate concept, Abscess concept, Dysplasia concept, Benign neoplasm concept, Malignancy concept, Metastasis concept Cancer, Malignancy factor, Regionality factor, Slow growth factor, Explosive growth factor, Membrane injury factor, Metastasis factor, Septic necrosis factor Concept of “disaster area”, Theorizing about tumor genesis, Manifestation of Dr. Goiz 

Exploration methodology 

Biomagnetic pairs Pre-tumor and tumor phenomena Vascular problems Psychological problems Sophrological problems Emotional problems Hormonal problems Toxic and deficiency problems Spiritual problems Malignancy problems Embryology 

Energetic and tele-energetic 

Methodology and practice of medical energy Methodology and practice of tele-energy treatment 

Treatment of serious illnesses Practical cases (biomagnetism courses) 

Special topics (Coronavirus, Lyme disease and malaria in Kenya – Dr. García Experience) 

Jaramillo soup 

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