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Small Magnets $18 per pair

Medium Magnets $20 per pair

Large Magnets $25 per pair 

9 Piece Set Includes: 3 smalls, 3 mediums, 3 Large 


Gauss Strength: At least 1500.

Magnets for use in Biomagnetism must have at least 1,000 surfaces Gauss so that they may provide the proper benefit. Magnets all have a surface Gauss of at least 1,500 Gauss. They are encased in water-resistant synthetic leather material so that they can be washed and will not wear out for years!

Neodinium Magnets

  • We offer a 100% refund on all magnets.  If you don't like them or change your mind for whatever reason you can return them at anytime.  You will be responsible for the shipping cost to return magnets.   

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