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I have been passionate about helping and healing my entire life.  I remember as a child I was always quick to find the band-aids whenever someone cut themselves, eager to help and solve the problem.  I always wanted to help, so much so, as an adult I became a firefighter.  


I spent 13 years helping to  solve people's problems from a fire truck.  It was during this time that I also had to learn a way of solving my own families problems.  With two sons on the autism spectrum, I had to find answers that conventional routes couldn't provide.  So down the rabbit hole I go, a mother's heart searching for answers.

It took me to the most of unlikely places across the country, meeting, learning and training with some of the most incredible healers and people I have ever met.  People who gave above and beyond of themselves to help and teach everyone from doctors to mothers, like myself, energetic healing.  


Biomagnetism is one of those forms of energy healing that has forever changed the life of my family.  Bringing more than just hope, but a path to recovery.  

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